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uae offshore United Arab Emirates

Main characteristics:

Company type International Business Company (IBC)
Governing corporate legislation The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven constituent states, thus is governed by a federal government. This emirates federation was formed in 1971, under a provisional constitution. Up until the formation of the constitutional federation, each emirate had it own laws and regulations
Information published relating to company officers There is no public register of company officers (Directors, Shareholders, Secretary)
Confidentiality The UAE offer a high level of anonymity and privacy
Accounting requirement No accounting / reporting requirements
Taxation No taxes of any sort
Legislation Islamic Low ( Sharia) is the main source for legislation in the UAE.
Standard Currency AED
Time to form 7 working day plus delivery
Stability Stable jurisdiction with very good reputation
Communication Efficient communication means
Time zone Convenient world time zone : GMT+3
Secretary required No
Paid up capital requirement Paid up capital 1000 AED/250$
Minimum shareholders / directors Minimum of 1 Director / Shareholder
Bearer shares Bearer Shares are permitted