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Company formation

Offshore Company is a company incorporated outside the country of its main business activities. Offshore company registration is generally done within a favorable offshore jurisdiction, referred to as an offshore financial center. The reasons for offshore company formation includes: Favorable taxation, tax planning, asset protection, favorable trading conditions, and double taxation treaties.Forming an offshore company allows for various economic, financial and political benefits to be enjoyed within the chosen offshore jurisdiction. The main advantages of offshore company formation include high levels of privacy and confidentiality, excellent asset protection, favourable company law, effective tax planning and low business risks. Depending on the selected offshore jurisdiction, a company can be protected from lawsuits and creditor claims and can take advantage of the country’s trading conditions and double tax treaties.

Our team of professionals will provide you with comprehensive legal and financial information on companies, jurisdictions, the procedure of establishment of companies in various countries around the world. After your selection of the most appropriate jurisdiction for your business, we will implement and oversee the management of the registration of the entity.

offshore company formation